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TOKYO Isaac Seumalo Jersey , Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike came under fire Friday from a civic group and Korean residents in Japan for not paying tribute at an annual memorial ceremony held for Korean people murdered in the turmoil after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Unlike previous years, both the Tokyo governor and Sumida Mayor Toru Yamamoto did not send a tribute to the ceremony, which angered a civic group which promotes friendship with both Seoul and Pyongyang.

Despite sending a tribute last year, Koike said she opted not to this year but would commemorate all the victims of the quake at an another memorial service being held the same day.

The civic group issued a statement saying Koike's actions are "saying that murder victims and those who lost their lives in a natural disaster are equivalent and thus she does not need to send a tribute."

Yasuhiko Miyagawa, the leader of the group Jordan Hicks Jersey , said he was angered by Koike's decision because deaths from natural disasters are completely different from murders. He said Koike was not empathetic towards the bereaved families.

He added that it is important that the correct information continues to be passed down.

Around 105,000 people lost their lives in the Great Kanto Earthquake which struck on Sept. 1, 1923.

In the chaotic aftermath of the quake, Koreans and Chinese people there were murdered by military and paramilitary forces following such rumors as those people planning to riot.

The cenotaph built in Yokoamicho Park to commemorate the lives lost states that the "precious lives of slightly more than 6,000 Koreans were robbed."

Koike choosing not to pay tribute at the ceremony reportedly follows a Tokyo metropolitan assembly member urging her to consider carefully about sending a message as there are differing views on how many Korean residents were murdered in the aftermath.

Miyagawa said that Koike's decision showed a lack of empathy towards bereaved family members.

He stressed that the massacre should never be forgotten or diminished so that such a tragedy Mack Hollins Jersey , caused by confusion and discrimination, would never happen again.

Video: President Xi's philosophy of governance

China's Discovery ROV finds coral forests, sponge field in Pacific Ocean

Are you ready for new school semesters?

Discharging of dams results in new flooding areas in Houston

China's Discovery ROV collects samples in western Pacific Ocean

World Robot Conference attracts visitors in Beijing

At least 2 died, 8 injured in knife attack in Turku, Finland

13 killed Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , over 100 others injured in Barcelona attack: official

As much as I love yaking away about being a success with online business in these articles, I can t resist telling this true story that keeps me motivated when time are rough. I trust the reader will forgive the shameless self ingratiation, as the story is regarding myself and an interesting incident that occured about 3 years ago.

While working at a construction site (way before my lucrative internet thing), I was informed that one day we would be working on a Saturday. The day was oppressive: hot and humid. My normal responsibilities didn t involve too much standing or walking. This day, however Rasul Douglas Jersey , we would all be doing odd jobs, and the day would be difficult because we were working at least a 13 hour shift. That s ok for most of the guys, but I suffered from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis in one foot and a bone spur in the other. Being on foot for even a short period of time produced severe pain.

Calling in sick was not an option, the guys needed as much help as could be summoned. Plus, no one ever got anywhere giving up! I decided to stick it out and let the chips fall as they will.

I showed up at the site (we were building a giant smoke stack) Sidney Jones Jersey , and the foot pain wasn t far behind. 3 hours in, the pain was excruciating to say the least. I could barely walk. Even being given the chance to sit down was painful. In the seated position, even a little pressure is still applied to the feet which still produced pain. Even seated with my feet elevated, my feet felt so swollen that upon standing, the pain was doubly unbearable.

Leaving the site was not an option. We were shuttled there from a distant site which would have taken 30 minutes to walk if my feet were healthy. Sitting provided a little relief but there was work to be done and any weak link in the chain could jeopardize our duty. Sink or swim Derek Barnett Jersey , I had to fight it out.

It was around hour 5 when I re discovered something I had learned back playing high school football. We d injure ourselves in a minor fashion and coach would say: Pain don t hurt . This quote kept ringing in my head. Pain don t hurt , Pain don t hurt . Around that time I realized that my focus was invariably on my foot pain, not the job. When your mind and your pain are connected, you ll have pain. When your mind is disconnected from the pain, it will disappear. How can a guy at a construction site with brutal foot pain disconnect from his pain? Focus on the work. Then that started ringing in my brain. Focus on the work  Zach Ertz Eagles Jersey , Focus on the work . It took about 20 minutes in this quasi meditative state before the pain simply disappeared.

It may seem like a far fetched notion, but the pain was gone. Steadfast in my effort to get the job done, the foot pain became so less relevant. There was no longer time for it. I was able to finish the remaining 6 12 hours on my feet with renewed vigor and no pain at all.

This is a true story and I love telling it. It exemplifies what can be accomplished when you eliminate distraction and focus on your mission. It s also an example that we must see ourselves through no matter the odds.

By the way, when we clocked out and headed home, looord have mercy! I was bed ridden for the next .

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